Food, Esthetics and Life by Sherry Roeder

A name…

We finally decided on a name for the Bakery/Cafe — The Grain Exchange Cafe.  Michael had been thinking of alternative grains and remembered the Grain Exchange Building in Mpls., MN.  What a great idea!! Floor plans have been drawn and we have been to quite a few coffee establishments to get a feel for what […]

Michael is creative

Thanks to Michael’s creative side, I have a great pic of my GF/DF chocolate chunk cookies and coffee.


I seem to get stuck in the naming of a business and getting the logo just right. It happened with the skin care biz and I’m here again with the baking business. I have many ideas and thanks to family have more ideas 🙂 Between myself, Michael and Rae I think we’re coming up with […]

Food Allergies

In a word… they suck!! If I was only Gluten Free that would be great! Two steps forward and one back. Or is it one step forward and two back? I just received a new test result for current food allergies. Technically, most of them are food intolerances. Not so good this time. Last year […]

new recipes

I am allergic to tomatoes and I totally miss them!! I’ve gotten over most of my cheese cravings (dairy allergy) but not for all the sauces and dishes tomatoes are the main ingredient. Today I experimented with making a “no tomato” salsa. My idea was to mix fruit and peppers to give it a sweet […]