Food, Esthetics and Life by Sherry Roeder

A name…

We finally decided on a name for the Bakery/Cafe — The Grain Exchange Cafe.  Michael had been thinking of alternative grains and remembered the Grain Exchange Building in Mpls., MN.  What a great idea!!

Floor plans have been drawn and we have been to quite a few coffee establishments to get a feel for what our place will be like. The cafe/bakery will be an open concept plan with baking and cooking visable to the public.  We plan to have a full coffee selection besides the bakery and breakfast and lunch options.  Friday and Saturday nights will be pizza night.

How exciting… I have had such great feedback on this project. Keep your suggestions coming. Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Michael is creative

Thanks to Michael’s creative side, I have a great pic of my GF/DF chocolate chunk cookies and coffee.

GF/DF Cookies & Coffee


I seem to get stuck in the naming of a business and getting the logo just right. It happened with the skin care biz and I’m here again with the baking business. I have many ideas and thanks to family have more ideas 🙂 Between myself, Michael and Rae I think we’re coming up with some great options! That really is the fun part… Now I have to get down to business and finish the grant application and keep on pushing for equipment and build-out proposals. I wonder why I keep getting myself into situation where I am the manager??? hmmm… 😉

Skin care a little slow in the summer!

In the skin care and spa industry I have noticed a lull in the summer months. This is good and bad right now… Good that I can take the time to plan the bakery, bad in that I still have expenses. I will need to plan ahead and stash some money for the slow season next year. I am keeping somewhat busy with waxing and getting a few new clients!

Food Allergies

In a word… they suck!! If I was only Gluten Free that would be great! Two steps forward and one back. Or is it one step forward and two back? I just received a new test result for current food allergies. Technically, most of them are food intolerances. Not so good this time. Last year I was down to 12 foods which included dairy. Yes, I did substitute with soy for awhile but that didn’t go over well. The soy products just aren’t as healthy as they are marketed to be. Most soy products aren’t compatible with estrogen dominance or a thyroid problem (that’s another post!!) Previous test showed I could have eggs again. Not anymore. Eggs are now on my immediate response list. I am back up to 30 food intolerances (IgG) and 4 true food allergies (IgE).

My calling in life must be to re-invent recipes. And I have done my fair share. If you come to one of my allergy free cooking classes at Hy-Vee I always give many different options to make a favorite recipe. One of the favorites was and is the Mango Pepper Salsa. And just to let you know, there is really no good substitute for cheese! I have been grieving cheese for quite some time now. It is better since I’ve been able to eat raw sheep cheese (manchango, yum) in moderation.

Here’s my current list – IgG: almond, asparagus, avocado, pinto bean, cabbage, cashew, cauliflower, swiss cheese, coconut, egg white, eggplant, garlic, grape (NOOOOOO, my wine!!!), grapefruit, lettuce, cow’s milk, mustard, green olive, peanut, chili pepper, green pepper, red pepper, rice, pineapple, sesame, soybean, tomato, black walnut, watermelon, yogurt. IgE: whole egg, cow’s milk, rice, soybean.

I’m re-reading all my labels. Even some of my vitamins have olive or coconut oil or rice starch in them. Yikes! And no grapes??? I just might have to start making my own wine too. Now that grapes are out for awhile I’m going to have to get creative here. Michael did go to the store for me and found a cherry wine. Not too sweet… although, I really prefer a dry red wine.

The next three – six months will be strict adherence to not eating these foods. I plan to do more with the rotation of foods I can eat. Eating the same foods over and over again has a tendency to create more intolerances. As I experiment I will post more new recipes! Tomorrow I’m going to try and get in a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of bread. hmmm… no eggs, no butter, not even smart balance sticks! I will come up with something. 🙂

new recipes

I am allergic to tomatoes and I totally miss them!! I’ve gotten over most of my cheese cravings (dairy allergy) but not for all the sauces and dishes tomatoes are the main ingredient.

Today I experimented with making a “no tomato” salsa. My idea was to mix fruit and peppers to give it a sweet and spicy taste. I usually start by “dumping” ingredients into a mixture and then come up with a specific recipe later. Today I added pitted cherries, apricots, peaches, green pepper, red pepper, onion, lemon and lime juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper, chili pepper, cumin, allspice and a touch of tapioca starch to thicken it up a bit. Throw it all in the food processor and cook just a little to thicken. My first recipe was a Mango and Pepper salsa a couple of years ago.

I really should have marketed the idea. Now I see all these fruit and pepper salsa’s in many stores!